America Gospel Music News: Mary Mary


Mary Mary' Exclusive: Sisters Talk Solo Careers, New Album, & Show: "We're Taking a Chance". Both sisters claimed that they were "taking a chance," when it comes to their individual careers.

'Mary Mary' Season 4 to Premiere Thursday, March 5 on WE tv: WE tv's Original Series "MARY MARY" Is Back With An Explosive, Fourth Season On Thursday, March 5 at 9PM ET/PT Are the ladies of Mary Mary able to rebuild after the devastation that wreaked havoc on their lives last season? Gospel super duo Mary Mary will be performing at the Fantastic Voyage in April 2015! Erica Campbell says that the duo will be performing on the date.

Tina Campbell: "How I'm handling it, is I'm living my life. I really have too much going on right now to try to focus on a diet program so I try to have a balance to it but I wouldn't say that I'm not healthy because I don't have any health issues, but I'm definitely stretched. Working hard, and working long hours you find comfort in food. I'm just trying to figure out how to get back to managing a healthy eating schedule and workout time. I haven't quite figured it out so pray for me."