Japanese Gospel Music News: Chu Kosaka

Born in Tokyo Japan. In 1967, he debut from Colombia records as lead vocalist of rock group "April fool". In 1969, he performed as member of original cast for Japan's first rock musical "Hair". In 1971, he released solo album as a singer & songwriter. Chu was selected in number two positions for popularity vote for a best rock vocalist.

His original style had made a huge impact to the Japanese music industry. His hit album "HORO" has influenced many artists and many music fans till this day support it.

In 1975, the miraculous event took place, which his only daughter was healed from massive burn, that lead him to accepted Christ as his savior. He made a decision to give his life to the Lord and started music ministry.

In 1978, Japan's first gospel label Michtam Records was established. Chu has brought the new worship to the Japanese church music, which primary music was mostly Hymns, and taught many at the music seminar, which sent out numerous pastors and evangelists.