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Lor Mbongo Marie Misamu

LOR Mbongo talks about her new album, her carrier and children. The inspiration for her songs and hier Oracle album 2014. This is very strong I feel God's spirit behind this album Praise God for her servant and for the spirit to make it work for the glory of God is like you're mum. LOR does not change serves God with humility and integrity as usual because God has called you're more than conquerors through him who loved you and he who loved you is Jesus Christ of Nazareth.




The TV presenter and singer will make her debut acting on’s Ekasi Our Stories. She told Move magazine, that she will be portraying the character of Candy; a promiscuous woman who sleeps with different men to stay alive and to make the end means. On her new acting gig, the songstress said she was approached by the film’s producers.“I was surprised when I was approached by the producers,” she told the magazine.“I laughed the idea of acting off when they told me they wanted to cast me. I have never acted in my life, but they really liked me.”



Marie Misamu , Christian Gospel singer Congolese living in Kinshasa, began a meteoric career since her first album alongside Debaba evangelist , himself former star of the Congolese popular song. Sweet and melodious pleasant voice for those who love religious music, and an invitation to the discovery of the Gospel to those who do not yet know. That special woman Gospel has developed a unique style with her music, since its inception it has run with great Gospel DRC Her latest album "La Resurrection" capture the full essence of her appeal forming a beautiful display of her talent.l.


Jose Nzita Franck Mulaja Aime Nkanu
José Nzita comes from a Christian family , his father was pastor. José sings to God from a young age, he was part of the choir of his church, but in 1993 it is truly committed to serving God because before this period, José Nzita led a double life , he had one foot in , one foot out as he sang in her church choir and at the same time he sang in a secular group "The kangonya ". Today, he serves God in the very time and he is married, family man and God is spirit to raise it. The family environment as other medium has an undeniable influence on the destiny of a man. This is partly the early outbreak of some talent. With a remarkable voice Franck Mulaja already valued this talent, adhering as young as 9 years in the choir of the Protestant Church of the municipality of Lemba. As if the voice was not enough, he adds hands beating drums . Without delay he was appointed leader of the choir ''Gloria ''. His new charges him open corridors professional Christian music, especially with his choir productions studio Sango malamu. Aime Nkanu is the eldest of a Christian family of six children. He was born in 1972 in Matadi. His desire to sing for God was evident early in his youth. As is the case for many premature celebrities, Aime Nkanu was perhaps an economist in the shadows if he had obeyed the will of his father who refused to see him become anything but a musician. Unlike her husband who believes as this profession nowhere, has no future , maternal sensitivity Louise Nkanu allows it to detect early enough in the soul of his pious son budding talent there.